Hunkering Down

So Hurricane Florence has hit the North Carolina coast this morning, and we’re expecting to get a sizable dose of wind and rain this weekend in Mondoville. The National Weather Service’s predictions appear calmer than those of our local TV station, but I guess that’s why we play the game. We moved our football home opener to yesterday afternoon (emerging victorious), and we just got word a few minutes ago that classes will dismiss today at noon and are cancelled for Monday.


We live about a 3-minute walk from campus, so at least we’ll be able to eat.

Yesterday Mrs. M and I put away the patio furniture and other stuff that seemed at risk of going airborne should things get really ugly, but beyond that, we really just have to hunker down, deal with it, and hope for the best.

I’ll offer updates as the situation permits. Let’s stay safe and dry, everybody!

About profmondo

Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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