Sunday Potpourri: Post-Florence Edition

We’ll get a little more rain today, and the wind knocked down the butterfly bush in our backyard, but we seem to have lucked out this time. Thanks for the concern, prayers, and good wishes. And doubtless we’ll soon hear appeals for aid to the folks in areas that took the brunt of the storm. Give if you think you can — need never ends, but we can do what we can.


On a more upbeat note, it’s the Mad Dog’s birthday — he’s eleven days older than Your Genial Host. That may explain why the Bengals and UK both won this week. While we differ on things like religion and politics, both of us recognize that the other is speaking in good faith, and we’ve both come to realize that our lives and our friendship are bigger than which set of nitwits is running the government. Hell, we’ve even gotten past the fact that he liked American Idol.

Happy birthday, Mad Dog — have a whole bunch more.


The Mad Dog’s birthday also marks the 30th anniversary of one of my favorite baseball memories:

I was working at Sears during Browning’s 1985 rookie season, when he became the first rookie to win 20 games in 30+ years. Part of my job was to process requests for a Sears credit card. One evening as I was shuffling papers, I recognized his name and laughed. It made sense — Browning was only five years older than I was, and I didn’t have credit cards then, but I hadn’t really thought about major leaguers having to jump through those kind of hoops.

I imagine he was approved.


As part of the preparation for the storm, Flagship U in Real City had cancelled classes several days last week, and for tomorrow as well. Because we weren’t hit as badly as we had feared, the Flagship administration has made the unusual decision to reinstate classes for tomorrow, although student attendance will be optional. Judging from some of my friends on the Book of Faces, it sounds like a pain in the neck for the faculty, many of whom had left the area as well.

On Friday, Mondoville went ahead and cancelled Monday’s classes, but since we went ahead and held classes all the way through Friday midday, I suspect our cancellation will stick.


Last night, I read Gone to Dust by Matt Goodman. It’s his first novel, but he’s no stranger to writing, having worked on Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine, among other shows.

The novel is set in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, and features private eye Nils Shapiro (and yes, there’s a story behind his name), who is brought in to consult on a murder in the wealthy suburb of Edina. The killer uses a clever way of concealing his/her tracks, by covering the body in the contents of vacuum cleaner bags, providing a sort of white noise to interfere with forensics.

It’s an interesting case, and gives a cool look into the Twin Cities as they deal with such elements as the influx of Hmong and Somali refugees, among other things. Shapiro’s voice is convincing, and as might be expected from Goodman’s TV work, there’s more than a little humor there as well. It’s an extremely quick read, and again, I’m looking forward to seeing the series continue.


And to wrap things up today, here’s a little bit of post-hurricane music from the Turtles.

See you soon!

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