Saturday Potpourri: Finally Fall Edition

So it’s another weekend in Mondoville. Mrs. M is at her school, doing a little planning for the week. The Spawn is reading in her room, and I’ve been looking at tenure portfolios while watching Alabama dismantle Tennessee (21-zip, ten minutes into the game.) Seems like a good time for some potpourri.


One of the highlights of the week came Wednesday, when I had dinner with an old college friend. I met Kristine Tucker when she came to Transylvania U during my freshman year in order to interview for the same scholarship I had.  Although she wound up attending a different college, we hit it off, and met up that summer when my friend William and I visited Nashville.

Life led us in different directions, but the development of social media allowed us to reconnect. As people do, we had our shares of ups and downs, but each of us has achieved a fair amount of our respective goals. Kristine became a successful veterinarian in Florida and found a terrific husband in the form of Ken Clark. About a year ago, they decided to move to England, and Kristine found a partnership in a practice near Stonehenge.

But these things take time, so only now have the two of them (and their own pets) been able to start their trip. They’re traveling by ship from New York, and making the trip from Florida in a rented RV. As part of it, they’ve been doing some sightseeing, visiting people and places along the route. And on Wednesday, the Clarks met up with me at a local Mexican restaurant. We chatted for a couple of hours over an early dinner before we all had to get on our ways.

Kristine at SJ 1

L-R: Mondo, Kristine and Ken Clark

Kristine and Me

Kristine and me, 34 years after meeting.

They’ll be heading across the Atlantic before long, and I hope you’ll join me in wishing them a safe trip and many happy years to come.


I’m pleased to report that I have a story coming out next spring in an anthology called Greasepaint and .45s, a clown-themed set of crime stories from the folks at Down & Out Books. Ryan Sayles put this one together, and I’m sure there will be plenty of good stuff in it. Details will follow as I have them, and with luck, I’ll have even more fictioneering news before too much longer!


Meanwhile, are you looking for a suitable soundtrack for your Halloween party? As it happens, the Internet can meet your spooky music needs at DeadAir, which streams the stuff 24/7, all year long. Give it a listen… if you dare! Bwahahahahaaaaa!


And speaking of music, here’s a band that I’ve mentioned before, but it’s been a few years, so here they are again. From Medway, England, here are garage revivalists/Who Enthusiasts the Len Price 3 (none of whom are named Len Price.) This is “With Your Love.”

See you soon!

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