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Air Ball…

Early in my career at Mondoville, our Dean of Admissions declared in a faculty meeting that there was no point in recruiting “Duke and Davidson”-type students because we didn’t have “Duke and Davidson”-level professors. (This was during the administration in … Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri: Late Gradeapalooza Edition

I’ve got a bit more grading and data entry to do, and I think I’ll wrap it up this evening. But in the meantime… *** The Spawn just returned from her last final of the term — actually a stop-and-drop, … Continue reading

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Making Dreams Come True…

I’m administering my last final of the semester right now, for my Age of Johnson class (Yeah, we call it “Restoration and 18th C.”, but I know better). About seven minutes ago, I handed out copies of the exam. After a … Continue reading

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Adieu to Mr. Shelley

I learned a few minutes ago that Pete Shelley, principal songwriter and guitarist of the Buzzcocks, has died at the age of 63 of an apparent heart attack. When I was an undergrad and rummaging through the record library at … Continue reading

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Advent Devotional — 4 Dec 18

Once again, the college has asked members of our campus community to write devotionals for each day of the Advent season. The format is simple — an assigned reading from Scripture, followed by a few thoughts and a prayer. Here’s … Continue reading

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In Which a Pendulum May Swing, But Receives Little Notice

When I returned to academia after my six-year exile in the magazine business, I was required to take a couple of courses on literary theory (basically pre- and post-1966). As I had discovered my first time through grad school, I … Continue reading

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Sunday Potpourri: Mid-Gradeapalooza Edition

I’m headed to the office this afternoon to wade through a set of papers from my freshpeeps in a little bit, but of course, that isn’t all I have going on, so here we go… *** Mrs. M is watching … Continue reading

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