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News From a Current Hometown

The Travel Channel has issued a list of “America’s 50 Most Charming Small Towns.” Mondoville made the list — the only city in South Carolina to do so. I don’t suppose I can claim all the credit for it — but … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening Potpourri: Beauty and Sadness Edition

A bit less than an hour ago, I returned to Mondoville after having spent about 40 or so hours in the environs of Lexington, KY. The occasion for my travel was not one I would have chosen, but it was … Continue reading

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On a Lighter Note…

  My beloved Kentucky Wildcats pulled down a national championship over the weekend. This one went to the cheerleaders, their fourth in a row and 24th in the program’s history. While there were a couple of errors (including an inverted … Continue reading

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“I Am Principled…

You are stubborn. He is a pigheaded fool.” I first ran across this in the textbook for a logic course my dad was taking at UT-Nashville when I was in sixth grade. He took me with him on one or … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Potpourri: Shallows and Spiders Edition

We’re moving into night two of a three-day weekend, and I haven’t posted in a few days, so here we go… *** Yesterday the Spawn and I went down to Real City for lunch at her favorite restaurant (her treat) … Continue reading

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“Or As I Call It, Wednesday.”

As I was teaching my 8:00 section of freshpeeps, a chattering crowd of young folks wandered down my hallway. I figured it was likely a tour group of prospective students and went on with my lecture. About a minute after … Continue reading

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The Rising Frequency of Goodbyes

A friend of mine from my first grad school days (and the wife of one of my closest friends from undergrad) died this morning, a few months after having been diagnosed with cancer. She leaves my abovementioned friend and their … Continue reading

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Time Machines

Brian Morton of Sarah Lawrence College had a fine article in yesterday’s NYT about a topic I’ve addressed in the past. As a medievalist — as a teacher of literature — part of my job is to walk my kids through … Continue reading

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Gathering Stones Together

One of my late Christmas presents came early yesterday. Maybe I’d better explain. One of the top items on my Christmas list was A Time to Scatter Stones, Lawrence Block’s latest (and likely final) installment in Matt Scudder’s multi-volume, fictive autobiography. … Continue reading

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Weekend Potpourri: Wedding Bell(e)s Edition

The winter break is coming to a close; classes resume on Wednesday, and tomorrow I have to help score placement exams for some of our incoming students. But it has been a pleasant enough break, and I think I’m ready … Continue reading

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