“Or As I Call It, Wednesday.”

As I was teaching my 8:00 section of freshpeeps, a chattering crowd of young folks wandered down my hallway. I figured it was likely a tour group of prospective students and went on with my lecture. About a minute after they moved on, one of our security guys stuck his head in. (I’m on good terms with the security folks – they’re good people, used to seeing me around at odd hours and weekends, and cheerful about things like band practices in the college’s TV studio.)

“Don’t worry, Dr. Moore,” the guard said. “A motor burned out on one of the HVAC units up on the third floor, but there’s not a fire or anything – just smoke.”

“I didn’t hear an alarm.”

“No, nobody pulled one.”

“Do we need to clear out?”

“No – you’re okay down here.” So I finished my lecture, assigned a journal entry, and cut the kids loose before getting the board ready to repeat my lecture for the 9:00 section. I walked into the hallway and saw a few of my colleagues standing around. They said they had received an e-mail from the Academic Dean that our building was closed and that no one was to until the all clear had been sounded. Of course, I was already here, and as I said, the security folks said there was nothing to worry about.

We were trying to figure out what to do when the Dean of Students showed up and told us that while the building was technically closed, and that our 9 a.m. classes were cancelled, there was nothing to worry about, and when I said, “So it’s okay to hang out in my office?”


“Okay. I needed something to blog about anyway.” And here we are.

About profmondo

Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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