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Sunday Afternoon Potpourri: School Daze Edition

I’m hanging in my office on a misty afternoon, trying to do a little planning for the week’s classes. But in the meantime, why not blog a bit? *** Not this coming week, but next, I’ll be talking to one … Continue reading

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Well, That’s Pretty Cool…

My Ph.D. institution‘s athletic teams are known as the Cardinals, and have been since 1927. But they had sports teams before then (back when we were known as the Indiana State Normal School, Eastern Division) — men’s basketball began in … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Gains a Colleague

I am delighted to report that Lawrence Block, America’s foremost living crime writer, will be joining Newberry’s English program for the Fall 2019 semester. He will be the Gerding Writer-In-Residence (a new position) for the term, and will work with … Continue reading

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Tuesday Evening Potpourri

My beloved Kentucky Wildcats will be mixing it up with the Tigers of Louisiana State in a little bit, but there’s no reason I can’t watch and blog simultaneously, is there? *** Last week, I mentioned that I was looking … Continue reading

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QotD: Square Peg Edition

My friend Justin says that my brand of small-l libertarianism reminds me of the sentence his father claims to want as an epitaph: “He just wanted to be left alone.” I try to do — I want to do — good … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Leaves a Very Small Mark, and Is Content

A few minutes ago, I was looking to see if a story I wrote many years ago is still available online (It is, but it takes some digging, as the webzine no longer appears to be active. And there’s another one … Continue reading

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Sunday Potpourri: Setting Clocks in the Punjab Edition

Had strange dreams overnight that caused me to wake up needing to know the time difference between my old home in Northern KY and an odd hotel (and by odd, I mean nonexistent) in New Delhi, India. (For the record, … Continue reading

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