Sunday Afternoon Potpourri: School Daze Edition

I’m hanging in my office on a misty afternoon, trying to do a little planning for the week’s classes. But in the meantime, why not blog a bit?


Not this coming week, but next, I’ll be talking to one of the classes in our recently added Criminal Justice major. It’s a course on victimology, and it’s my understanding that I should focus on what it’s like for someone to go through the process that I began almost ten years ago, and which achieved a sort of official anagnorisis four years later, and which continues in the echoes of the Big Noise that form the ongoing denouement. I find a certain amusement in the fact that the date for the presentation will be my brother’s 49th birthday. But then, I have an odd sense of humor.


On a much lighter note, I find myself somewhat annoyed by the fact that the minions of Zuckerberg have begun to class my blog posts as spam, and will no longer allow me to share them on my FB timeline. Oddly, they will allow me to link my Tweets that link to the same posts, with the result being a sort of electronic middleman status. I’ve decided to set up a separate FB page for the blog and some of my other activities (e.g., fictioneering and music), and if you’re interested, you may find and like it here. We’ll see how it works.


I spent yesterday morning representing the Humanities department at an admissions event, sharing a table with the head of our Spanish program and the director of our Honors program. During a couple of lulls, the Honors director and I chatted a bit about the prospect of my beginning to teach in the program, maybe running a variation on either my Seven Deadlies or Theodicy classes. I’ve been interested in becoming part of the program more or less since my arrival here in Mondoville, but the program’s prior structure involved dedicated “HON” courses, many of which essentially became the property of the folks who taught them for years. Combined with the fact that I’m also kind of a utility infielder in the English program (doing creative writing and occasional courses in film, along with the usual froshcomp and early Brit), the situation just hadn’t come up.

The new version of Honors, however, involves tagging some courses — froshcomp, for example — in the ordinary curriculum with an Honors designation, and steering kids from the program into those sections, providing a critical mass of Honors kids in each section. I’m not sure yet how my classes will fit into this — maybe the “Auden class” I wrote about a while back? (However, I’d likely do that as a two-semester sequence.) Still, I’m excited about the prospect. My own undergrad Honors experiences at Western KY U and Northern KY U were amazingly important to me, putting me in a situation where being my kind of unusual was a social plus, rather than a ticket to the Outer Darkness. If I can be part of helping some of Mondoville’s kids find that sort of tribe, that’ll be a delight.


In case you missed my post from a few days back, it’s good to see what the well dressed Mystery Writers of America Grandmaster is wearing these days…

LB in NC gear...

As I told Mr. B the other day, the last time folks around here got this worked up about a visitor from the North, it was Sherman. I suspect this visit will be more amiable.

And if you’ll indulge me a moment, in his own comments on the new gig, he had some very kind things to say about Your Genial Host. I blush, but not enough to refrain from linking it.


Meanwhile, At Home in The Dark has received a review from Publishers Weekly. Feel free to check it out!


Well, the lesson plans are still calling me, so I’d best wrap this up. Experimental guitarist Henry Kaiser has been doing his rather odd mix of originals and covers for decades, but unlike a lot of free improvisers, he has a sense of humor about it. Beyond that, I needn’t say much, other than that you’ll almost certainly know this one, if not quite in this manner. This is “Fishin’ Hole.”

See you soon!

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