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Sunday Potpourri: Merry Spawnmas Edition

It’s the Spawn’s birthday — she turns 22 today, and we’ve done the cake and presents thing. But there’s a little time for potpourri, don’t you think? *** I made a trip to Real City yesterday, lunching at my preferred … Continue reading

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Sunday Potpourri: Mr. Blue Sky Edition

After a seemingly interminable series of gray/rainy weekends, things have been gorgeous in Mondoville this weekend, so naturally, I’m in my office gearing up for the coming week. But there’s time for a bit of potpourri along the way, I … Continue reading

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My Daughter the T[w]erp

Last night, the Spawn finally got the news she’s been waiting for. She was informed that she has been accepted into the U of Maryland at College Park’s Master of Library and Information Science program. While we’re still waiting to … Continue reading

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Tuesday Evening Potpourri: Back in Town Edition

I’m back in Mondoville, having spent a couple of days in Atlanta at a conference examining key first-year courses, their role in determining the success or failure of a range of underrepresented students, and how we can improve those students’ … Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri: Going Underground Edition

OK, not exactly underground, but I’ll be heading to Atlanta for part of this week in order to attend a conference on first-year/”gateway” courses, and whenever I think of Atlanta, I think of the city’s famous Underground entertainment district. I … Continue reading

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A Mistake that Made it Better

Once upon a time (in 1967), Roulette Records released a pretty cool, jangly psych single by a band from Brooklyn. Reportedly, Chris Stein (later of Blondie) was a friend and posse member of First Crew to the Moon — a … Continue reading

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QotD: Je Parle Francais Edition

Well, I do speak a little (and read a bit more) of the language of Asterix, but in this case, the French to whom I refer is David French. In an article at National Review Online yesterday, he talks about the … Continue reading

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