In Which the Spawn Collects Some Hardware

This afternoon was the Mondoville Humanities Department’s celebration of our students, with awards going to outstanding students in History, Spanish, and English. Regrettably, we have more amazing students than we have awards, so some of our kids wind up getting overlooked.

This year was a little different for me, as the Spawn was eligible for departmental honors. In order to avoid nepotism charges, I recused myself from the selection process (although I did offer a quarter to the department chair, suggesting that “Mr. Washington’s endorsement might carry some weight.”)

As it happened, it fell to me to present the Dale Brown Award (named for the now-emerita who hired me back in 2003), which recognizes special achievement in writing. There were several strong contenders from both the academic and creative realms, but my colleagues chose to recognize the Spawn with this particular honor. Here she is with her mom:

Deb and Em Awards 2

This left me in the somewhat odd position of giving an award to my kid, but I was happy to do so, and made a point of not revealing the winner until the last possible moment.

“I was so nervous,” the Spawn told me afterward. “I’ve wanted that award since I first heard of it, but I just didn’t know, and you didn’t even hint. Jerk.”

“I love you, too.” And I do. Good job, kid.

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3 Responses to In Which the Spawn Collects Some Hardware

  1. Brava!

    Lawrence Block *At Home in the Dark * *A Time to Scatter Stones * Twitter: @LawrenceBlock Our Guarantee: No infinitives were split during the transmission of this message. _______________________________

  2. nightfly says:

    Belated-yet-heartfelt congratulations!

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