Friday Potpourri: The Grand Old Game Edition

I’ll be spending a large chunk of this afternoon and evening at Mondoville’s baseball stadium, as we’re hosting a regional round of the NCAA Division II baseball tournament — the first time that has happened in the college’s history. It’s a three-team, double elimination matchup, pitting the Mondoville nine (ranked #2 in the region) against lower-rated contenders from Young Harris College (#6) and Catawba U (#3), who recently wrested the tourney title from Mondoville’s regular season champs.

Specifically, Newberry faces YHC at 3:30 as the visitors from Georgia fight for their playoff lives. After that game, we’ll have to deal with Catawba in the second half of our double header. Further games will be played in the ensuing days as needed. I’ll be the big guy in the Newberry cap, slathering himself in sunscreen.

Baseball park

Close enough that I can hear the PA from my yard, but I’m heading over in person today.

Go Wolves, and if you want to listen to the games this link should do the trick.


In other news, I’m pleased to report that Mystery in the Midlands is making a triumphant return to Columbia, SC, on Saturday, 22 June. I’m further pleased to report that Roger Johns and I will be doing a session on humor in crime fiction. It’s going to be a great time with plenty to offer fans and writers alike. Registration details and such as I have them.


And of course, in further fictioneering news, I’m happy to remind you that copies of At Home in the Dark  and Greasepaint & .45s are now available, and that From Sea to Stormy Sea can be ordered in advance from those folks at the really big river. For that matter, you can feel free to pick up copies of In Sunlight or in ShadowDark City LightsAlive in Shape and Color, or even Broken  Glass Waltzes for your Mondo-related fiction needs. And there will be more to come in the relatively near future. To steal an old tagline from a Cincinnati radio station, support local writers, even if they aren’t from around here!


Well, speaking of that Cincinnati radio station, every once in a while a song comes to mind that I associate with listening to WEBN late on a Friday night (or more accurately, early that Saturday morning). There were certain songs that seemed to be favorites of the insomniac crowd, because the songs only ran in the small hours. Here’s one of them, from the Canadian band Coney Hatch’s 1982 debut album. It’s not particularly smart, but nostalgia doesn’t have to be, does it?

See you at the old ball game!

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3 Responses to Friday Potpourri: The Grand Old Game Edition

  1. Kenneth Hall says:

    Nice looking ballyard. Our park (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, also in the DII dance this year) could use some work, though it’s not too bad.

  2. Robbo says:

    Nothing beats hanging around the park. I get the same delightful sensation from little league and high school ball all the way up to the Show (even if it has a lot of whistles and bells that I’d eliminate were I Emperor).

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