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Sunday Afternoon Potpourri: Aging and Sneezing Edition

I’m in my office, and just finished moving a bunch of CDs to an empty shelf. Well, not quite empty — turns out there was a fair amount of dust there, which accounts for the sneezing fit I had a few … Continue reading

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And This One Belongs to…

Marty Brennaman. The Cincinnati Reds’ Hall of Fame radio announcer called his last Reds game today; he’s retiring after 46 seasons behind the microphone. Unfortunately, the Reds couldn’t send him off with a win (and the opportunity to deploy his … Continue reading

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Six Years Ago…

It was also a Monday night, and as I write this, it is very nearly six years to the minute that the jury found my brother guilty of the murders of our parents, along with several associated crimes. I had … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon Potpourri: Home Cooking Edition

Since it’s Sunday, I must be in my office, gearing up for the week. But I’m also needing to feed the blog monkey, so here we go. *** I can’t cook. I mean, I nuke prepared foods or throw a … Continue reading

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Paging Maxwell Edison… or Trini Lopez

As I suspect is the case at a lot of places, our office printer goes on the fritz from time to time. This morning was one such occasion, but a few minutes ago, the departmental administrative assistant informed us that … Continue reading

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An Observation from My Misspent Youth

A lot of folks in my mid-50s demographic (including the Mad Dog, who is a year older than I am for the next eleven days — give him some traffic, huh?) are bummed by the death of Cars frontman Ric … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon Potpourri: Title TK Edition

In my office to do planning for the week, but what better way to put that off than by writing a blogpost? *** It was the home opener for the Mondoville footballers yesterday, and the Blocks and I went to … Continue reading

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