Sunday Afternoon Potpourri: Title TK Edition

In my office to do planning for the week, but what better way to put that off than by writing a blogpost?


It was the home opener for the Mondoville footballers yesterday, and the Blocks and I went to Antiquated Historic Setzler Field to watch the Wolves take on the Florida Tech Panthers. Alas, it wasn’t the outcome we had hoped for, as the Mondovillians came out on the short end of a 30-28 score, the potential winning Hail Mary falling harmlessly to the turf as time expired. Still, the company was good, and it’s always nice to see the kids, whether they’re on the field, in the stands, or running the concessions.

There were also a couple of campus life high points. Yesterday saw groundbreaking for a new fieldhouse behind our north end zone, and for the first time in my career at Newberry, the Scarlet Spirit, our marching band, got to sport new uniforms, which replaced the khakis and red sport shirts the kids have work since time immemorial. They actually looked like a marching band, and in a move calculated to appeal to the Mad Dog, this year’s halftime show is a salute to Queen. Thanks to the donors!

Still, if someone could go ahead and bring chili for the nachos back to the concession stand, that would be great.


In other news, rumor has it that Gary Larson may be returning to The Far Side, apparently with the very web presence he has long avoided. That would be pretty cool, I think, but it does lead me to other thoughts, namely…

Berke Breathed returned to cartooning a few years ago. And now, it appears that Mr. Larson may be having another go. But somewhere in the nameless deeps of Northeastern Ohio, the Great White Whale swims undisturbed, although he surfaces on rare occasions. Reportedly, he submerged to escape a surface world in which his natural habitat was dwindling. But the online seas are vast indeed, with all the room that one might need. Dare we dream?


On the media consumption front, I watched To My Great Chagrin, a 2007 documentary about the late monologist/comedian/performance artist Brother Theodore. As those who have noted this site’s slugline are aware, I’m fond of Theodore’s work, and while I was aware of his backstory, I still found the movie interesting, not least for the comments from people who knew him — folks like Penn and Teller, Dick Cavett, and Harlan Ellison. I was also taken aback to discover that Theodore had largely scripted most of the bizarre appearances on David Letterman’s show, a series of appearances that led to his comeback of sorts. I do wish we could have seen more performance clips, however. All the same, it made for an interesting 100 minutes of screen time, and a reminder that while there may not be fame and fortune in staying true to one’s particular muse, there can be endurance.


And in the course of thinking of matters fratertheodorean, I was informed that he was known to do public readings of an Ambrose Bierce story with which I was unfamiliar, “Oil of Dog.” I have no doubt that the late Mr. Gottleib did a masterful job reading it, but you know what? It works really well on the page, too. Check it out!


Speaking of things to check out, don’t forget that on Thursday, 10 October, you can see some really amazing writers — some well known, others less so — reading from their work right here in Mondoville!


Design Credit: Erstwhile Berries Bassist Justin Smith

We hope to see you there!


But let’s wrap things up with a bit of music. The Chats are a band of youngsters from Australia’s Sunshine Coast, and they demonstrate that the rough-and-ready spirit of the garage is alive and well and raw as ever. Here’s their ode to cigarette breaks, or as they say in the Antipodes, going on “Smoko.”

See you soon!

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