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In Which the Prof Meets the Demon Dog

I was able to catch a ride on Mr. Block’s coattails last night, as along with Lynne Block and my chair David Rachels, I accompanied LB to a reception on the far side of Real City. The reception was held … Continue reading

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Cats, Pugilists, and Noir at the Bar

So we did a thing last night, and it was nearer than we anticipated, but we got a happy ending, and what’s wrong with that? I got to Bar Figaro at 6:30 last night, the first of the Noir at … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Terpville (and Tonight in Mondoville)…

I’m pleased to announce that the taxpayers of Maryland are allowing the Spawn to earn a living, as she is now the U of MD’s newest graduate assistant. She’ll be helping out at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, … Continue reading

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Well, It’s International Lesbian Day…

… and since she’s been to the US, Canada, and the Bahamas, I guess she counts. So, a couple of years ago, the Spawn came down to the den, where I was reading or noodling around online. “Dad?” she said. … Continue reading

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Sunday Potpourri: Farewell to a Monster Edition

I have a slew of things to grade, but the monkey must be fed. *** Perhaps it’s because of my timeline being filled with musicians and music lovers, but ever since I got up today, said timeline has blown up … Continue reading

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