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Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies…

… or maybe it’s the other way around. In any case, that’s going to be the Mad Dog‘s agenda in the coming months, as he has decided to run for county commissioner in his suburban Knoxville district. I suspect it … Continue reading

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Sunday Potpourri: Last Train to Gradeapalooza Edition

The avalanche begins tomorrow, as I receive research papers from my two sections of FroshComp and my HotEL kids. On Tuesday, I’ll receive a bonus buffeting from my Seven Deadlies class. And there are still a couple of minor papers … Continue reading

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Just Being Neighborly…

Gray Collegiate Academy is a public charter high school in Lexington County, about 45 minutes from Mondoville. According to WACH-TV in Real City, since 2015, the school’s football team has played at the home field of Benedict College in Real … Continue reading

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Bookish Stuff on a Friday Afternoon

A couple of pieces of book info, one including my work, and another that doesn’t, but is well worth your time. From Sea to Stormy Sea is due out in the next few weeks. Amazon lists 3 Dec as the pub … Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri: Trudging Uphill Edition

Having been instructed by the doctor to take yesterday off, I find myself in the midst of a three-day weekend that I wasn’t seeking, but I guess I need. There’s just been so much to do, doggone it. Fortunately, Mrs. … Continue reading

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Potpourri: Oh, That’s Right — I Have A Blog!

So it’s been about three weeks since I last checked in, but I have reasons. For example… *** About three weeks ago (three weeks tomorrow, in fact), I woke up feeling queasy. I made it through my class before I … Continue reading

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