Just Being Neighborly…

Gray Collegiate Academy is a public charter high school in Lexington County, about 45 minutes from Mondoville. According to WACH-TV in Real City, since 2015, the school’s football team has played at the home field of Benedict College in Real City. In return, the high school paid Benedict $2500 per game, along with all proceeds from the gate, parking, and concessions.

Per the report, this past spring, Gray attempted to regularize this state of affairs with a contract. Four days before the team’s first home game, Benedict offered a contract — at ten grand per game. I don’t know if the new fee would have replaced the parking, concessions, etc., but in any case, it was more than Gray could afford, so the War Eagles have played this season at a local sports complex.

However, the team has apparently had a pretty good season, and has made the third round of the state playoffs. Per state rules, in order to host the game, Gray needs a facility that can seat at least 3200 people. Their recent home doesn’t qualify.

That’s where Mondoville comes in. Newberry College has agreed to serve as Gray’s “home away from home” when they host 4-time defending state champs Abbeville tomorrow night. The cost to Gray? $850.


Setzler Field, home of the Wolves… and War Eagles?

Honestly, I’m not sure that’s enough to pay for turning on the lights tomorrow night, and the college isn’t exactly rolling in dough. But I’m glad we’re doing it — we pride ourselves on hospitality, and it’s a neighborly thing to do. Besides, we’re traditionally the home of the Scarlet… and Gray.

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