Sunday Night Potpourri: Busy, Busy, Busy Edition

I have numerous meetings in the coming days, and had some other committee work with which to deal on Friday, so getting focused has been a bit of a challenge. Still, here we are.


At the Mondoville basketball doubleheader yesterday, I was (as usual) supporting the home teams and trying to add my own particular panache to heckling. While we do have fans who cross the line into abuse (I’ve seen some of our fans escorted from the premises over the years. Interestingly, most have been women.), I typically prefer to keep it clean, if perhaps abstruse.

I suppose my best moment of this sort was when we had a point guard from Iceland. Once, he faked out an opponent and went in for a layup. I hollered, “He burned you like Njal!” You don’t get many opportunities like that. Which is probably just as well.

Anyway, this year, we have a freshman guard from Glasgow, Scotland. He’s a good kid, and bright as well — I had him in my Seven Deadlies course last term. At one point, he was called for a foul. I thought the call was dubious, so I scolded the ref: “I can’t believe you’d call a foul on him on Burns Day! No neeps and tatties for you, buddy!”

An older couple in the front row cracked up, so I guess my work was done. As a bonus, we won both games.


The Spawn and I talked yesterday. Her new semester begins this coming week, but she’s been back on the job for a while, during Maryland’s January term. Among her other classes, she’s taking one in her preferred track, which should train her for archival work. She told me that the course deals with managing libraries, archives, and museums, which apparently are categorized as LAMs.

I can only hope that she writes a paper on underused facilities: “The Silence of the LAMs.”

“Are the patrons still screaming, Clarice? Should you check the databases?”

I told her that, and yet she still wants me to come visit over Spring Break. But that may be because I’ll pay for dinners while I’m there.


My story “Alt-Ac”, set at Kalamazoo’s annual International Congress on Medieval Studies, will be appearing in May, when LB’s newest anthology, The Darkling Halls of Ivy, is released.


Big props to Ken Laager for this stunning cover, by the way!

While it will eventually come out in trade and e-reader formats, Subterranean Press is currently accepting orders for the 500-copy limited edition, which will include LB’s autograph.

The last time Subterranean did this with one of these anthos, it sold out in a big hurry, so if you want the primo version, you may want to go ahead and order. (You can, however, pick up that previous book in paperback or e-ditions.)

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to say that we appear to have a lineup in place for Noir at the Bar’s return to Mondoville, on Thursday night, 12 March. Mr. Block will be with us once again, as will several other Newberry-connected folk, a few regional writers, and one of my former officemates from grad school! More details will be coming soon, but you might want to go ahead and clear the date — we’d love to see you!


As I spent my afternoon at the office today, I found myself listening to a lot of contemporary psychedelia — droning enough to zone out, but grooving enough to tap my foot to.  Along the way, I discovered Portland, OR-based Wooden Shjips [sic]. From 2013’s Back to Land album, this is “These Shadows.” Duuuuude.

See you soon!

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