Plaguepourri: Now With Entertainment(?)

It’s a gorgeous day in Mondoville, but pretty much every stationary object outside is coated in pollen. I have mild seasonal allergies, and of course under the present circumstances, every cough makes one think of the intruder at the Masque of the Red Death. On the other hand, I’m a terrible hypochondriac; at least that’s what my gynecologist tells me. So let’s move on…


I spent a little time out of the house today, as I had to take part in an online job interview for a position here at Mondoville, and the connection is stronger in my office — especially as there’s virtually no one using the college network these days. After I was done with that, I recorded a video of myself reading a story I wrote back in my Ball State days for a student and faculty reading. When I had finished, one of my favorite professors said, “Mr. Moore, I think you got here just in time.”

If you’re looking for production values, you would be well advised to keep looking. It’s just me with my computer’s webcam and onboard microphone. But I like reading aloud, and if it’s a way to give people a few minutes’ diversion, it seems that may be useful right now. So if you want to admire my rapidly increasing Coronabeard (a term courtesy of the Mad Dog) and listen to me read, you can do that here. And yeah, I know I close my eyes when I talk — I always have. But I typically don’t when I lecture. Go figure.


I was chatting a bit with the Spawn yesterday,  and she mentioned that she had put a few recent pix up on Instagram, under the heading “When I was 22 and it was still legal to leave the house.” I thought that was pretty funny, but the topper went to the Main Squeeze, who speaks fluent clickbait: “Only real 90s kids will remember Outside.”


And to wrap this up, here’s a bit of music. The late Michael Been originally put two versions of this track on his solo album, On the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough, and it also appeared in the soundtrack to the film Light Sleeper. As it happens, he did this version with his usual bandmates from the Call, and the track also appears on a best of collection from the band. This is the longer version, because I like it, and hey, we have time now.

See you soon! Be well.

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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