Saturday Potpourri: Incongruities Edition

Yes, there are awful people in the world, doing horrible things to each other and to the civilization in which we live. Yes, there is a plague upon the land, and we don’t know when — or even if — that will get better. But at the same time, I felt joy this afternoon as NASA and private enterprise put a couple of guys into space. And there are other goodnesses to report as well. So why not?


Like a lot of people, I’ve been keeping an eye on the SpaceX launch this week, but I haven’t been following it as avidly as I might have in the past. As a result, until this afternoon, I was unaware of the fact that the drone ship that served as a landing pad for the rocket’s first stage is named Of Course I Still Love You. When I heard that, I both laughed and fell in love. There’s just something so screwball about the whole thing, and it feels absolutely perfect for the weirdness in us — the people who reach out and want us to outgrow our cradles here on earth. I think Delos Harriman would have approved.

And of course, there’s the wonderful pop culture link in that our two astronauts are named Bob and Doug. Godspeed, Hosers.


Closer to home, tomorrow marks the official release date for The Darkling Halls of Ivy, El Bee’s new anthology, gathering stories with an academic bent, and some of them are pretty bent indeed. Thomas Pluck wrote a very gracious review of the book, and as always, I’m glad to be part of such a fine group of writers. While the Subterranean Press limited edition is probably unavailable, you can chase down copies via Amazon as well.


And speaking of writerly stuff, I’m happy to report that the Spawn will be appearing as part of a Virtual Noir at the Bar on Thursday evening.

The other writers include such stalwarts as Jordan Harper, Eryk Pruitt, and Todd “Big Daddy Thug” Robinson, and Dennis Tafoya is hosting, so a good time should be the order of the evening. To register or drop in, click here.


All right — my summer courses (taught online) begin on Monday, so I’d best close.But as usual, let’s close with some music. In this instance, it’s the title cut from one of my favorite albums, a space-rock concept album from Klaatu. I got the album for my twelfth birthday, and I still find some reassurance in it. This is “Hope.”

See you soon.

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