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Saturday Potpourri: Beneath the Saharan Dust Edition

As we move to the end of June, this weekend was supposed to have highs near 100 degrees. However, the Mighty Saharan Dust Cloud (TM pending) has served as a sort of parasol for the Carolinas and Gulf Coast, holding … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night Potpourri: Still Here…

Sorry I haven’t posted of late, but between some dental issues, various anniversaries related to the murder of my folks, the summer minipalooza of grading, and a general sense that we should be checking Bethlehem for rough beasts, I just … Continue reading

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So Long, Jasmine

We lost the Hound of of the Basketballs yesterday. It wasn’t really a surprise — a recent visit to the vet had revealed a tumor and some other issues, and while a prescription of steroids might, in fact did, give … Continue reading

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In Which the Mondos Get Their First Amendment On

A few days ago, a colleague of mine sent an e-mail to the faculty. I mentioned it to Mrs. M, and we agreed that it was a good way to spend part of our Sunday afternoon. As a middle-aged fat … Continue reading

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Where I Am Today

Dr. Benjamin Spock, having achieved fame for his work as a pediatrician and author of child-rearing manuals, became politically active in the 1960s and 1970s, campaigning against nuclear weapons and the Vietnam war. He said, essentially, that he didn’t want … Continue reading

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