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Baseball Is A Funny Game

I’ve been behind the desk in college classrooms, either as a prof, adjunct, or TA for something close to a quarter-century. I don’t remember every student I’ve ever had, but I remember more of them than I would have expected. … Continue reading

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Spring, 1983

It was my senior year of high school. I was playing in a power trio that was essentially the house band at a pizza joint in Union, KY, and desperately hoping that I could somehow parlay terrific test scores and … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Music Post: Far Eastern Edition

I ran across this on my FB feed today. I liked the cut of their jib, and would cheerfully subscribe to their poorly mimeographed newsletter, even if I couldn’t read it. The band is called Sakuran Zensen, which apparently translates … Continue reading

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Sic Transit Gloria Monday Morning

My parents kind of fell into the demographic crack between the Beats and the Hippies, but my dad was keen on folk music. That never really changed, either — he eventually got into bluegrass, even buying a banjo and going … Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri: Didn’t He Have a Blog Once?

Why yes, yes he did. And I still do. However, I’ve been doing other stuff as well, and so I’ve been lax over here. On the upside, I started this blog ten years ago as a means of therapy, so … Continue reading

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