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Sunday Afternoon Potpourri: Double Nickels Edition

So at a few minutes before five this morning Mondoville time, I started another trip around the sun. Unfortunately, the weekend hasn’t gone as I might have hoped — I’ve been laid up with a kidney infection since Friday, and … Continue reading

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Tuesday Afternoon Potpourri: Falling Sensation Edition

Welcome to autumn. Today is what the season is supposed to look like in this part of the world, although it’ll be a while before most of the leaves turn. The temperature is around 70 degrees and the afternoon light … Continue reading

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Who Remembers Sermonette?

Those of us of a certain age will remember that TV and radio stations weren’t always 24/7 enterprises. Typically, a station would begin and end its broadcast day with the National Anthem, and many of them would offer a sermonette … Continue reading

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“Oh, Telephone Line, Give Me Some Time…”

(For the source of the title, go here.) As I was scanning the Book of Faces this evening, I saw that a former student had posted this (Rough language): I chuckled, of course, being of the appropriate demographic. In fact, … Continue reading

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Thursday Afternoon Potpourri: Pre-Labor Day Edition

It’s a searing afternoon here in Mondoville, currently feeling like about 102 or 103 degrees. Fortunately for me, I’m indoors, and have every intention of staying that way. I’m also putting off working on a short video I have to … Continue reading

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