“Oh, Telephone Line, Give Me Some Time…”

(For the source of the title, go here.)

As I was scanning the Book of Faces this evening, I saw that a former student had posted this (Rough language):

I chuckled, of course, being of the appropriate demographic. In fact, I remembered using that service occasionally when I was a kid in Nashville. (I’ve never really been a wristwatch guy.)

And then, 40+ years after I last dialed it (and I did, in fact, dial it, so long ago was this), the number popped into my head. You know I had to check.

It’s still there. In fact, it also gives the current temperature and a brief weather forecast, which was not the case in the mid-70s. It seems to be sponsored by a pest control service, as callers are treated to a brief message about insect pests, and told to press 1 for a free estimate.

As I’ve mentioned while talking about earlier trips to my birthplace, the city is radically different than it was all those years ago when I lived there. Still, it’s a kick to know that something I had long forgotten about was not something I had indeed forgotten, and that has endured even into our Internet era. And I’m still trying to decide whether the most remarkable part of all this was that the service still exists, or that I was able to recall the number.

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1 Response to “Oh, Telephone Line, Give Me Some Time…”

  1. rongalt says:

    It was the Time & Temperature number in the town where I grew up. Pre-GPS, it came in handy when setting the clocks after a power outage.

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