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How Twigs Get Bent: The Prof Gets Regional

The husband of a colleague of mine is the publisher of Mondoville’s weekly newspaper. (It came out three times a week when I moved here, but we all know about the newspaper biz these days.) They came here from the … Continue reading

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Put Down the Ball; Pick Up the Book

From today’s NYT “This Morning” newsletter: [A]thletics are not the best route to a scholarship for most students, Ron [Lieber, finance columnist and author of the new book, The Price You Pay for College] writes. Academics are. “Each spring, I … Continue reading

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Tuesday Afternoon Potpourri: Paternal Pride Edition

I used a hand sanitizer at the supermarket a while ago, and now my hands smell faintly of band-aids. But that’s not important right now. *** I’m pleased to report that the Spawn has made her professional bones. Her Appalachian … Continue reading

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A View from the Desert

Four years ago today, I said the following: In the end, they’re politicians. You’re more than a vote, more than a member of Team Red or Team Blue, more than a client of the state and more than a subject … Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri: A Pint Low Edition

I’m listening to the Green Pajamas this afternoon, wondering why I haven’t blogged of late. The answer is that I really haven’t had a great deal to say, but why should I let that stop me? *** I’m back in … Continue reading

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