Why I’m Laughing this Morning

Margaret Soltan at University Diaries hips us to an article in the LA Times about the political turmoil in a Dallas suburb between moderate and extremist Republicans, some of whom participated in the violent idiocy at the Capitol on 6 January. In a classic case of burying the hook, if not the lede, the report mentions a couple of suburban women who attended the tantrum in DC, although the two friends deny entering the building and have not been charged. Specifically, the women mention having both gained and lost customers as a result of their activism. One of the women is a hair stylist. The other is a dominatrix.

Naturally, I had to find out a bit more about this, and using my Google-Fu skills, I found the website for the less conventional enterprise. It turns out that the woman’s business includes a mobile component. Her customized motor coach apparently includes a dungeon and, um, a specialized massage table, along with heavily tinted windows and blackout drapes for privacy’s sake. She mentions that she can bring her rolling dungeon to clients, or that they can meet her at other locations with large parking lots — specifically mentioning WalMart as an RV-friendly location. (While I respect her entrepreneurial spirit, the idea of slaking one’s masochistic lusts in a WalMart parking lot strikes me as the sort of thing that would make Richard von Krafft-Ebing flinch. (And I apologize for using “strikes me” here — that’s not my kind of thing.))

I must admit, however, that when I saw photos of some of her restraints and other gear, I found myself thinking of a term I hear from my students on occasion:

“Riding the struggle bus.”

And in that spirit, a song from one of my favorite albums (from an equally beloved band, including the amazing Ginger Baker on drums.)

“Sunrise on the Sufferbus” indeed. See you soon!

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