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What I Did on My Summer Vacation, by Prof. Mondo, Age 55

I’m back in my office in Mondoville, after spending a week in Terpville visiting the Spawn and her Main Squeeze. It was the first time that Mrs. M and I had gotten together with the girls since Christmas, and was … Continue reading

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Monday Afternoon Potpourri: Mondoville’s Wild Kingdom

Turned in my summer grades yesterday, and I’m trying to clear my head of the unpleasantness that marked Teaching in the Time of Corona, preparatory to re-entering the classroom this fall. As part of the head-clearing, I spent part of … Continue reading

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“Far from the Mandarin Crowd.”

I’ve mentioned this before, but academically speaking, I’m something of a dinosaur. A leading figure in my field read my dissertation in 2002, and said that it would have been state-of-the-art forty years earlier. She didn’t mean it as an … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day, 2021

No, our nation isn’t perfect — nor will it be, as it’s made up of people. But its promise is greater than that of the nations that preceded it, and it’s still the place where much of the world dreams … Continue reading

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