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Wilko Johnson, R.I.P.

Wilko Johnson (ne John Peter Wilkinson), the British guitarist whose unorthodox style was an inspiration during the mid-70s transition to punk rock, died last week at the age of 75. Johnson was a focal point of Dr. Feelgood, one of … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon Potpourri: Turkey Hash Edition

Well, not literally, but we are post-Thanksgiving, and once again, I found a great deal for which to be thankful, not least of all, your willingness to read my assorted meanderings. And since I’ve just graded a batch of papers, … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon Potpourri: Time-Release Gradeapalooza Edition

The research papers started coming in earlier this week, and I’ll be receiving batches this week and next as well. So there’ll be a fair — or perhaps unfair — amount of grading in the next couple of weeks. Still, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Orillia’s Finest

. . . Gordon Lightfoot turns 84 today. Bob Dylan once said of Lightfoot, “When I hearr one of his songs, I hope it goes on forever,” and over the years, a lot of folks have come to agree. I … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner: Lawrence Tierney Edition?

While attending the virtual version of NoirCon with plenty of fascinating stuff, I caught a discussion of the actor Lawrence Tierney, who was accurately described as a “real-life tough guy.” He was gruff, difficult, and known to get into brawls … Continue reading

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(Jacques Cousteau Voice) “Three Weeks Later…”

Yes, I’m still around. It’s Thursday night, I’m at home, and the rainy remnants of Hurricane Nicole are putting a literal damper on things. However, that’s supposed to clear out by tomorrow night, allowing for good football-watching conditions on Saturday … Continue reading

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