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Now We Are (twenty-) Six

Well, the Spawn is, anyway. And Tiger, if you’re reading this, I know you’re grown up, with a career and a girlfriend and an apartment and all that. . . . . . but I trust you’ll excuse me if … Continue reading

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Lenten Devotional 2023: On Prayer

Longtime readers will know that here in Mondoville, the college sponsors a series of devotionals during Advent and Lent, with installments provided by members of the campus community. The structure is simple — a reflection and a prayer. For reasons … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon Potpourri: More or Less Midterm Edition

I’m supposed to have my midterm grades together by Tuesday, and I’m already in pretty good shape. I’m sufficiently caught up on grading, so that’s just data entry for a few more weeks. In the meantime… *** I spent the … Continue reading

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“Mondo, Mondo, Where Have You Been?”

“Up to Terpville and back again.” Friday morning, I set out for the airport in Greenville-Spartanburg, in order to spend the first half of my Spring Break visiting the Spawn at her new apartment. The drive was easy enough, and … Continue reading

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There Are Worse Legacies

One of the boilerplate lines in my my syllabi appears to have struck a chord with some of my colleagues. The picture is of a sign/placard posted in a history prof’s classroom, and I just had a prof from the … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon Potpourri:

It’s been a gorgeous weekend in Mondoville; I spent enough of yesterday afternoon outside to get pinked up, though not scorched or sore, and I’m currently in my office with the window open and the TeenBeat Mayhem stream providing my … Continue reading

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