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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."

Monday Potpourri: Mind the Gap Edition

Having finally put Spring Semester away last week, I have a couple of weeks before taking up the cudgels for my customary summer courses. So here we are, and here we go. *** My ongoing dental issues are, well, ongoing. … Continue reading

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Why I’m Laughing this Morning

Margaret Soltan at University Diaries hips us to an article in the LA Times about the political turmoil in a Dallas suburb between moderate and extremist Republicans, some of whom participated in the violent idiocy at the Capitol on 6 … Continue reading

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Almost Forgot — Happy Bloggiversary to Me!

We interrupt Gradeapalooza to note that I started doing this thing eleven years ago. Although I’ve been going through something of a fallow period here at the blog (with pretty much all of my writing energy going towards online teaching … Continue reading

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Goodbye to a Good Kid

A young woman’s life came to an end a few days ago. She deserved more time, and so did the people who loved and lost her, including her family – and mine. Tiffany and Emily met in elementary school, and … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to the Spawn!

With apologies to Mr. Block, my very favorite writer turns 24 today. Kid, I’m so proud of what you’ve done, of who you are, of how you’re growing, and of your capacity for passion and creativity. I’m looking forward to … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Gets Needled, and Thinks of His Great-Uncle

Yeah, I know, I know… but I haven’t given up on the blog yet. So I’ll get to it. This morning, I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, having received the first one on 6 March. Both shots … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening Potpourri: I’m Around Here Somewhere Edition

Wow — almost a month, huh? Sorry about that. As I told the Spawn the other night, I’m writing thousands of words a week, but unfortunately they’re all for the online classes I’m teaching this term. But I haven’t forgotten … Continue reading

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How Twigs Get Bent: The Prof Gets Regional

The husband of a colleague of mine is the publisher of Mondoville’s weekly newspaper. (It came out three times a week when I moved here, but we all know about the newspaper biz these days.) They came here from the … Continue reading

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Put Down the Ball; Pick Up the Book

From today’s NYT “This Morning” newsletter: [A]thletics are not the best route to a scholarship for most students, Ron [Lieber, finance columnist and author of the new book, The Price You Pay for College] writes. Academics are. “Each spring, I … Continue reading

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Tuesday Afternoon Potpourri: Paternal Pride Edition

I used a hand sanitizer at the supermarket a while ago, and now my hands smell faintly of band-aids. But that’s not important right now. *** I’m pleased to report that the Spawn has made her professional bones. Her Appalachian … Continue reading

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