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The Power of Art?

I just learned that artist Robert Indiana has died. He was 89, and although he had a lengthy career, he is most associated with his mid-60s work Love: The work has been reproduced in both two- and three-dimensional forms (including on … Continue reading

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In Which a Grocery Run Turns Old Testament

I was picking a couple of things up this morning at the non-Wal-Mart supermarket — I tend to split my business anyway, and things are frequently quicker at Food Lion — and as I was headed to pick up some … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Serves as a Gentleman, a Scholar, and a Dork

(Not necessarily in that order.) I spent yesterday in Real City, doing a variety of things, culminating in a visit to the Berries’ former haunt of Art Bar to see contemporary garage faves the Woggles. But I’ll get to that … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner: Discovery? Recovery?

I tell my students on a regular basis that part of being a medievalist is realizing how much stuff you’re simply never going to know — the information is lost to devouring time. It requires a certain level of humility, … Continue reading

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Messages in Bottles

Life has a way of bringing people together and apart in ways we might not expect. Events and experiences, both good and bad, connect us, and when you find people who share your commonalities — whether positive or negative — … Continue reading

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On the River

My friend and former professor, poet Patti White, posted a towboat company’s ad on the Book of Faces a little while ago: Back in the mid-90s, my brother worked as a deckhand for the barge division of Ingram Industries. (Coincidentally, … Continue reading

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Not All Change Is for the Best…

My friend and colleague Tracy Power observes that today marks the 107th putative anniversary of Robert Johnson‘s birth. Johnson, of course, is considered “King of the Delta Blues”, and by extension, one of the fathers of rock and roll and … Continue reading

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