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“I Am Principled…

You are stubborn. He is a pigheaded fool.” I first ran across this in the textbook for a logic course my dad was taking at UT-Nashville when I was in sixth grade. He took me with him on one or … Continue reading

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“Or As I Call It, Wednesday.”

As I was teaching my 8:00 section of freshpeeps, a chattering crowd of young folks wandered down my hallway. I figured it was likely a tour group of prospective students and went on with my lecture. About a minute after … Continue reading

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Time Machines

Brian Morton of Sarah Lawrence College had a fine article in yesterday’s NYT about a topic I’ve addressed in the past. As a medievalist — as a teacher of literature — part of my job is to walk my kids through … Continue reading

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Tuesday Potpourri: The Tires, the Homophones, & Everything Edition

It’s been a pleasant enough couple of days — I’ve done some reading and errand-running and chatting with the Spawn. How about a review? *** The other day, I noticed that the front tires of Mrs. M’s car were doing … Continue reading

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Sunday Potpourri: Christmas Party Edition

After what has seemed like interminable days of rain, it’s sunny in Mondoville today. I may go for an amble (or in my case, more likely a lumber) later, but since I haven’t updated in a few days, I thought … Continue reading

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Air Ball…

Early in my career at Mondoville, our Dean of Admissions declared in a faculty meeting that there was no point in recruiting “Duke and Davidson”-type students because we didn’t have “Duke and Davidson”-level professors. (This was during the administration in … Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri: Late Gradeapalooza Edition

I’ve got a bit more grading and data entry to do, and I think I’ll wrap it up this evening. But in the meantime… *** The Spawn just returned from her last final of the term — actually a stop-and-drop, … Continue reading

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