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Monday Potpourri: Mind the Gap Edition

Having finally put Spring Semester away last week, I have a couple of weeks before taking up the cudgels for my customary summer courses. So here we are, and here we go. *** My ongoing dental issues are, well, ongoing. … Continue reading

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Almost Forgot — Happy Bloggiversary to Me!

We interrupt Gradeapalooza to note that I started doing this thing eleven years ago. Although I’ve been going through something of a fallow period here at the blog (with pretty much all of my writing energy going towards online teaching … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Gets Needled, and Thinks of His Great-Uncle

Yeah, I know, I know… but I haven’t given up on the blog yet. So I’ll get to it. This morning, I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, having received the first one on 6 March. Both shots … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening Potpourri: I’m Around Here Somewhere Edition

Wow — almost a month, huh? Sorry about that. As I told the Spawn the other night, I’m writing thousands of words a week, but unfortunately they’re all for the online classes I’m teaching this term. But I haven’t forgotten … Continue reading

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Put Down the Ball; Pick Up the Book

From today’s NYT “This Morning” newsletter: [A]thletics are not the best route to a scholarship for most students, Ron [Lieber, finance columnist and author of the new book, The Price You Pay for College] writes. Academics are. “Each spring, I … Continue reading

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Tuesday Afternoon Potpourri: Paternal Pride Edition

I used a hand sanitizer at the supermarket a while ago, and now my hands smell faintly of band-aids. But that’s not important right now. *** I’m pleased to report that the Spawn has made her professional bones. Her Appalachian … Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri: A Pint Low Edition

I’m listening to the Green Pajamas this afternoon, wondering why I haven’t blogged of late. The answer is that I really haven’t had a great deal to say, but why should I let that stop me? *** I’m back in … Continue reading

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I’ve Never Been a Gatsby Fan…

… not least because I think it’s one of those books (like many other high school standards) that yields enough on first reading not to warrant subsequent ones. But every once in a while, it does resonate: A stout, middle-aged … Continue reading

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Once More to Poetry Corner

I’ve mentioned my fondness for Gerard Manley Hopkins’s work in the past, that he’s a poet I once found almost incomprehensible, but whose work brings me pleasure and wisdom that grows with subsequent readings. He can be hard work to … Continue reading

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Honorifics Redux

In the first year of this blog, I addressed the issue of titles like “Doctor” and “Professor.” My viewpoint is basically the same now as it was then, but since I have picked up at least a few readers (I … Continue reading

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