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Lenten Devotional — 17 March 17

Longtime readers of the blog are aware that for several years, the college where I work has sponsored a series of Advent devotional messages, written by members of the campus community. I usually contribute a couple each year. Well, this … Continue reading

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QotD: Civitate Dei and the City of Man

I am not a Southern Baptist — never have been, and was not raised in that particular faith tradition. These days, I tend to refer to myself as an amateur Christian, both because I like the fact that that the … Continue reading

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Ecce Magister

My lack of strength in foreign languages is one of my shames. I demonstrated “reading knowledge” of French and German during the M.A. years, but the German is now a lost cause. I have enough French that I’ve been able … Continue reading

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QotD: Polarization Edition

I receive Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt newsletter in my e-mail each weekday, and I usually find it an interesting read, even when I’m not entirely on board with his positions. But in today’s edition, I found something that made a … Continue reading

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Christmas, 2016

Clan Mondo is lounging around the Mid-Century Mondohaus this afternoon, having done some of the celebratory thing this morning. Mrs. M and I awoke around 8:30 (I had stayed up last night watching the Bengals lose), and the Spawn got … Continue reading

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An Advent Encore

One of my favorite Christmastime songs is  “People Look East”, an Advent carol with lyrics by Eleanor Farjeon (who also wrote “Morning Has Broken.”) The tune is the French melody “Besançon,” but perhaps because of the lyrics, I’ve always thought … Continue reading

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“What I Did with My Summer Vocation”

My employer announced today that it has received a significant grant from the Lilly Endowment to start a summer program (with a theological bent) for high schoolers. The program is being developed under the auspices of our Muller Center, a department … Continue reading

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