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Lenten Devotional — 10 April 19

Here at Newberry, various members of the campus community are invited to contribute to devotional series during Advent and Lent. The format is simple: There is a passage from Scripture, a consideration of the text, and a brief prayer. I … Continue reading

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My Daughter the T[w]erp

Last night, the Spawn finally got the news she’s been waiting for. She was informed that she has been accepted into the U of Maryland at College Park’s Master of Library and Information Science program. While we’re still waiting to … Continue reading

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Waiting for Lefty

A friend of mine from Wisconsin is in Charleston, SC, this afternoon, beginning the process of recovering from surgery. This morning, she donated her left kidney to an as yet unidentified recipient, the first link in what is known as … Continue reading

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“I Am Principled…

You are stubborn. He is a pigheaded fool.” I first ran across this in the textbook for a logic course my dad was taking at UT-Nashville when I was in sixth grade. He took me with him on one or … Continue reading

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Weekend Potpourri: Wedding Bell(e)s Edition

The winter break is coming to a close; classes resume on Wednesday, and tomorrow I have to help score placement exams for some of our incoming students. But it has been a pleasant enough break, and I think I’m ready … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, 2018

The gifts are open (mine were heavy on Travis McGee novels, replacing the ones I’ve lost over the years, and also included collections of Borges and Philip Larkin), the breakfast is eaten, and the dinner is in the oven. Mrs. … Continue reading

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QotD: Why So Serious Edition

As I mentioned in last night’s potpourri, I felt happier a couple of days ago than I can remember being in a very long time, and even a couple of days later with a few papers left to grade, I’m … Continue reading

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