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Look Homeward, Mondo! Spring Break Potpourri

I’m back in Mondoville, having returned yesterday from a few days in the city of my birth. Things that happened… I drove to Nashville on Wednesday, with a stopover in Knoxville to have lunch with the Mad Dog at one … Continue reading

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Spring Break and Other Pleasantries

Today marks the first full day of my Spring Break (although I’ll still do a bit of grading, so the term is slightly inaccurate.) However, today also was the day for the College’s 60th annual Jazz Festival. We host various … Continue reading

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Potpourri on a Sunday Morning

I have an afternoon of grading and a Berries practice tonight, but I haven’t checked in for a while, and thought I might drop by. *** I spent yesterday afternoon on campus, catching a basketball doubleheader, as our men’s and … Continue reading

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Observations on a Super Bowl

I watched the game for the first time in a few years last night. In recent years, I’ve sometimes had band practice during the game, and other times I just wasn’t interested in staying up that late. Because my team … Continue reading

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“Focus on the Affirmative”

… or at least on Yes. The band that may very well have been the most commercially successful prog rock group (depending on how one thinks of Pink Floyd) in the movement will finally be inducted into the Rock and … Continue reading

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Post-Gig Report: The Theme is Adaptation

The Berries played Greenville last night, but the story actually begins half a week ago. Early this past week, as I drove from campus to the grocery, I noticed that the “Check Engine” light was continuing to burn. This has … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Potpourri

Mrs. M is at the gym and the Spawn is in the city of her father’s birth, attending a training session for her new role as Grand Inquisitrix of her sorority chapter. I’m still receiving Little Steven’s Underground Garage via … Continue reading

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