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Bouchercon, Day the Last (And the Fates Laughed)

On Sunday morning, I woke up alone. This wouldn’t be worthy of remark, except (What a twist!) I hadn’t done that earlier in the week. Mrs. M accompanied me from Wednesday until Saturday, but the Spawn didn’t want me to … Continue reading

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Bouchercon, Days Green and Melvin: Lack of Sleep Begins to Affect the Prof

So it occurred to me this morning that I had forgotten to post my report from yesterday. “That’s okay,” thought I, “I’ll just double up tonight.” And so here we go, in the standard Saturday Potpourri format. Friday’s panels began … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof is Surrounded by Girl Scouts

So I went to my office this afternoon to take care of a few things for the week’s classes and a committee meeting tomorrow. Sunday afternoons tend to work well for that sort of thing. I usually have the building … Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri: Oktoberfest Edition

Oh, that’s right… I have a blog. Who knew? Well, let’s get a bit caught up, shall we? *** As I had mentioned previously, we celebrated my 52nd birthday last weekend. Mrs. M fixed a large ravioli casserole that lasted several … Continue reading

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Finally Playing with a Full Deck?

At 4:57 this morning (3:57 Nashville time), I turned 52. I’m actually holding off on the celebration until this weekend, but I’ve been touched by the best wishes I’ve received from hundreds of people, in person or via social media. … Continue reading

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In Which the Spawn Reclaims a Bit of Her Heritage

Longtime readers may recall that in the Spawn’s preteen and early teen years, she spent a lot of time drawing, with an eye toward creating her own comics one day. As the years went by, however, she became much more … Continue reading

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A Day with the Spawn

Yesterday was a scheduled Daddy/Daughter day, as we headed for Real City for lunch and a movie. The day’s activities were funded by the Spawn’s earnings; she recently broke the $1K mark in savings from her library work, and decided … Continue reading

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