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Gig Report: SolarFest

I put on my rock and roll shoes once again last night, loading my gear into the van for a run to Real City. We actually got an early start, as the media had warned us of heavy traffic for … Continue reading

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Busy, Busy, Busy…

But now it’s Saturday, and time for some potpourri, I think. *** Much of this week was occupied by faculty in-service meetings, which ate up Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday and Wednesday. A personal highlight for me was a … Continue reading

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On an Amusement Park and Darker Pleasures

I’ve talked before about the ongoing horror show of heroin-related deaths in my old Northern KY stomping grounds. Last year, overdose deaths in the region exceeded traffic deaths by a 5:1 margin. Other, related ailments (e.g., Hep B and C) … Continue reading

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Deviant Drum Kits

If I earned more money, I’m pretty sure that in addition to my hoards collections of books and CDs, I’d likely accumulate drum sets as well. But while a collector of, say, guitars can find a wide variety of body styles … Continue reading

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Camp on Wheels

I’ve mentioned in the past that I spend a lot of time listening to the Mondoville campus radio station. This means that I’ve heard the station’s limited selection of PSA’s way too often. In particular, I hear a spot for … Continue reading

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Gig Non-Report, and a Bit of Potpourri

Getting a bit closer to the start of a new school year, but there are still things to do that are less than scholarly, so. . . *** About that gig we were supposed to play last night? Well, last … Continue reading

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The King of Liver-Flavored Toothpaste, and other Potpourri

Sorry I’ve been absent for a week, but I had a story to finish, students to advise, and well — Anyway, some potpourri? *** The ladies of Clan Mondo spent the weekend in Lost-in-the-Woods County visiting family, which left me … Continue reading

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