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Saturday Potpourri: Incongruities Edition

Yes, there are awful people in the world, doing horrible things to each other and to the civilization in which we live. Yes, there is a plague upon the land, and we don’t know when — or even if — … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner Goes to Salford

John Cooper Clarke is a British writer and performance poet, who came up in the punk and post-punk scenes of the late 70s and early 80s. He made several albums with musical accompaniment from The Invisible Girls, a band of … Continue reading

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Plaguepourri: An Interruption in the Interruption

Last Saturday was supposed to be the Spring Commencement here at Mondoville, but as is the case with so many things these days, it is postponed until date uncertain. We’re now engaged in May Term, but I never teach during … Continue reading

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In Search of the Lost Chord (Organ)

Levi Stahl  has said that the subtext of every movie from the 1970s is the material crappiness of the 1970s. Certainly, as a child of that era, I get his point. And I think that one of the emblems of … Continue reading

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A Ten-Year Bloggiversary?

Why, yes! Yes, it is.  Ten years ago, at the Mad Dog’s urging, and as a way to distract myself from the aftermath of the Big Noise, I found a free blogging website and began to use it. My expectations … Continue reading

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Plaguepourri: Gradeapalooza Edition

I’m essentially caught up on my grading until I get my last big batch of papers on Monday, so time for a little this-and-that, don’t you think? *** Mrs. M and I continue to hold down the fort here in … Continue reading

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Sunday Potpourri: Easter and Mrs. M’s Birthday… Together Again

It’s a rainy afternoon, one of many we’ve had over the  past few months. One of the consequences of that is that our lawn is greening and growing even faster than usual. We’ve already had to have it mowed twice … Continue reading

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