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In Which the Prof is Briefly Honored, but Puzzled

I was in my office this morning, talking to my buddy Justin, when I got an e-mail from a Very Famous Writer. The VFW had written a story (which was attached), and the note (addressed to “Warren”) was asking if … Continue reading

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The Hypnotic Jungle Rhythms of a Place that Some call … Finland?

So tonight, as I was reading The Complete Compleat Enchanter (Pratt and Sprague de Camp’s novellas Set in varied mythic landscapes), I found that the evening’s story Was set in the Kalevala —  That’s the epic poem of Finland, Just in … Continue reading

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Well, I Am from Hermit-age

Back before the blog, I discovered a band called The Red Button. I reviewed their second album for an online magazine in 2011, but while I liked it, I thought the first album was amazing. It was in heavy rotation … Continue reading

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We Interrupt this Gradeapalooza…

… To note that today marks my 8th bloggiversary. Eight years ago, my parents had been buried for ten months, and my brother had been charged with their murders for eight. These were the first things I thought of every … Continue reading

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In Which the Spawn Gets What She Deserves

Mondoville’s Humanities Dept. (including the English, History, Religion/Philosophy, and Spanish programs) held its annual awards reception this afternoon, with heavy hors d’oeuvres and general good feeling, with about three weeks left in the term. Awards went to outstanding seniors in … Continue reading

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Toying With a Drum Solo

Not from me… from Mike Portnoy. Mr. Portnoy is a drummer generally associated with the progressive rock and heavy metal scenes, having burst onto the scene with Dream Theater, a band known for having more chops than a karate dojo. … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon Potpourri

It was a scattershot sort of week, but it still provided some blog fodder, so here we go… *** I only spent two days in the classroom this week. Classes were cancelled on King Day, and because of dubious weather … Continue reading

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