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Not that he should take it as a challenge…

… but Donald Trump may not be the biggest whackjob in DC. Advertisements

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The Height (and Weight) of Idiocy

As usual, I’ll open this with the disclaimer that I am not a fan of the Current Occupant of the White House. Couldn’t bring myself to vote for him (or his principal opponent, for that matter. Fortunately, as I lived … Continue reading

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News From A Former Hometown

Mrs. M had finished her education degree a couple of years before we moved to Muncie, IN, so I could do the doctorate. After subbing for a time, followed by a half-time position, her first permanent teaching gig was with … Continue reading

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In Which Blessings Are Counted

It’s Thanksgiving morning. Mrs. M is getting ready to toss the turkey breast into the oven and then take her morning constitutional. The Spawn is claiming the time-honored right of the college student to sack in, and I’m in my … Continue reading

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Dodging the Bullet

This year’s Bouchercon is in Toronto, which in my case, is extra incentive to go, as I love the city, but haven’t been there since 2010. I was somewhat tickled this morning when I saw a blurb from B’Con on … Continue reading

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Independence Day Potpourri

Let’s start by remembering the men who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to reject a government they considered oppressive. The nation they spawned continues, and while we’ve made wrong turns along the way, we’ve still done more to … Continue reading

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Heeling Our Political Wounds

As a kid in Nashville, I used to watch Championship Wrestling on Saturdays after the cartoons were over, or perhaps as a continuation of those cartoons. Although I lost interest as the years went on, I still pay a little … Continue reading

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