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QotD: Civitate Dei and the City of Man

I am not a Southern Baptist — never have been, and was not raised in that particular faith tradition. These days, I tend to refer to myself as an amateur Christian, both because I like the fact that that the … Continue reading

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QotD: Polarization Edition

I receive Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt newsletter in my e-mail each weekday, and I usually find it an interesting read, even when I’m not entirely on board with his positions. But in today’s edition, I found something that made a … Continue reading

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Observations on a Super Bowl

I watched the game for the first time in a few years last night. In recent years, I’ve sometimes had band practice during the game, and other times I just wasn’t interested in staying up that late. Because my team … Continue reading

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An Explanation?

As most of my friends and associates know, I did not support Donald Trump’s camapign for the presidency, and it is my hope to have as little to do with his administration as I can get away with. However, neither … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Potpourri

Mrs. M is at the gym and the Spawn is in the city of her father’s birth, attending a training session for her new role as Grand Inquisitrix of her sorority chapter. I’m still receiving Little Steven’s Underground Garage via … Continue reading

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Inauguration Day

… and the greatest scream in rock history. In the end, they’re politicians. You’re more than a vote, more than a member of Team Red or Team Blue, more than a client of the state and more than a subject … Continue reading

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A View from the Inside

I have to get to Winter Commencement in a little bit, but ran across something on the Book of Faces a few minutes ago. It’s another of the post-election post-mortems, but I think there’s something of interest here. In particular, … Continue reading

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