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QotD: Je Parle Francais Edition

Well, I do speak a little (and read a bit more) of the language of Asterix, but in this case, the French to whom I refer is David French. In an article at National Review Online yesterday, he talks about the … Continue reading

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Sunday Potpourri: No Clever Subtitle Edition

(Yes, I know that implies that my usual subtitles are clever, but allow me my illusions.) It’s Spring Break for the Spawn and me here in Mondoville, but for Mrs. M, it’s business as usual. While I sometimes travel to Nashville … Continue reading

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The Duke and the Puritans

When I teach my Age of Johnson (Restoration/18th C.) class, I’m fond of mentioning one of the English government’s actions upon Charles II’s ascent to the throne. From St. Wiki: Charles’s new parliament ordered the disinterment of Cromwell’s body from … Continue reading

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QotD: Square Peg Edition

My friend Justin says that my brand of small-l libertarianism reminds me of the sentence his father claims to want as an epitaph: “He just wanted to be left alone.” I try to do — I want to do — good … Continue reading

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“I Am Principled…

You are stubborn. He is a pigheaded fool.” I first ran across this in the textbook for a logic course my dad was taking at UT-Nashville when I was in sixth grade. He took me with him on one or … Continue reading

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Time Machines

Brian Morton of Sarah Lawrence College had a fine article in yesterday’s NYT about a topic I’ve addressed in the past. As a medievalist — as a teacher of literature — part of my job is to walk my kids through … Continue reading

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In Which a Pendulum May Swing, But Receives Little Notice

When I returned to academia after my six-year exile in the magazine business, I was required to take a couple of courses on literary theory (basically pre- and post-1966). As I had discovered my first time through grad school, I … Continue reading

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