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We Interrupt this Gradeapalooza…

… To note that today marks my 8th bloggiversary. Eight years ago, my parents had been buried for ten months, and my brother had been charged with their murders for eight. These were the first things I thought of every … Continue reading

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Weekend Potpourri: Gradeapalooza Minus 4 Edition

I spent yesterday wading through a pile of annotated bibliographies from my freshpeeps, and now I’m relaxing downstairs. A strong front and storms are rolling in from the west, and Gradeapalooza begins on Thursday. Clearly some random observations are in … Continue reading

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Not that he should take it as a challenge…

… but Donald Trump may not be the biggest whackjob in DC.

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The Height (and Weight) of Idiocy

As usual, I’ll open this with the disclaimer that I am not a fan of the Current Occupant of the White House. Couldn’t bring myself to vote for him (or his principal opponent, for that matter. Fortunately, as I lived … Continue reading

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News From A Former Hometown

Mrs. M had finished her education degree a couple of years before we moved to Muncie, IN, so I could do the doctorate. After subbing for a time, followed by a half-time position, her first permanent teaching gig was with … Continue reading

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In Which Blessings Are Counted

It’s Thanksgiving morning. Mrs. M is getting ready to toss the turkey breast into the oven and then take her morning constitutional. The Spawn is claiming the time-honored right of the college student to sack in, and I’m in my … Continue reading

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Dodging the Bullet

This year’s Bouchercon is in Toronto, which in my case, is extra incentive to go, as I love the city, but haven’t been there since 2010. I was somewhat tickled this morning when I saw a blurb from B’Con on … Continue reading

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