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In Which Blessings Are Counted

It’s Thanksgiving morning. Mrs. M is getting ready to toss the turkey breast into the oven and then take her morning constitutional. The Spawn is claiming the time-honored right of the college student to sack in, and I’m in my … Continue reading

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Dodging the Bullet

This year’s Bouchercon is in Toronto, which in my case, is extra incentive to go, as I love the city, but haven’t been there since 2010. I was somewhat tickled this morning when I saw a blurb from B’Con on … Continue reading

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Independence Day Potpourri

Let’s start by remembering the men who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to reject a government they considered oppressive. The nation they spawned continues, and while we’ve made wrong turns along the way, we’ve still done more to … Continue reading

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Heeling Our Political Wounds

As a kid in Nashville, I used to watch Championship Wrestling on Saturdays after the cartoons were over, or perhaps as a continuation of those cartoons. Although I lost interest as the years went on, I still pay a little … Continue reading

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A Whiff of Saturday Potpourri

Another Saturday morning. Mrs. M is off to the Y, and the Spawn will likely sleep til the crack of noon, as is her wont on days off. Me? I’m downstairs with the Hound, listening to Little Steven’s Underground Garage, … Continue reading

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QotD: Warts and All Edition

Over at NRO, Jim Geraghty has a piece that is in some ways about historiography, both collective and personal. He quotes a former SUNY-Stony Brook prof named Noah Smith: You can look at American history and find tons of atrocities. … Continue reading

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QotD: Civitate Dei and the City of Man

I am not a Southern Baptist — never have been, and was not raised in that particular faith tradition. These days, I tend to refer to myself as an amateur Christian, both because I like the fact that that the … Continue reading

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