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The Duke and the Puritans

When I teach my Age of Johnson (Restoration/18th C.) class, I’m fond of mentioning one of the English government’s actions upon Charles II’s ascent to the throne. From St. Wiki: Charles’s new parliament ordered the disinterment of Cromwell’s body from … Continue reading

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QotD: Square Peg Edition

My friend Justin says that my brand of small-l libertarianism reminds me of the sentence his father claims to want as an epitaph: “He just wanted to be left alone.” I try to do — I want to do — good … Continue reading

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“I Am Principled…

You are stubborn. He is a pigheaded fool.” I first ran across this in the textbook for a logic course my dad was taking at UT-Nashville when I was in sixth grade. He took me with him on one or … Continue reading

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Time Machines

Brian Morton of Sarah Lawrence College had a fine article in yesterday’s NYT about a topic I’ve addressed in the past. As a medievalist — as a teacher of literature — part of my job is to walk my kids through … Continue reading

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In Which a Pendulum May Swing, But Receives Little Notice

When I returned to academia after my six-year exile in the magazine business, I was required to take a couple of courses on literary theory (basically pre- and post-1966). As I had discovered my first time through grad school, I … Continue reading

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Sunday Potpourri: Mid-Gradeapalooza Edition

I’m headed to the office this afternoon to wade through a set of papers from my freshpeeps in a little bit, but of course, that isn’t all I have going on, so here we go… *** Mrs. M is watching … Continue reading

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Shocked, Shocked!

Yesterday at The Atlantic, Adam Serwer put forth an idea that has struck me as so obvious that it could only surprise a sophisticate. The headline: Trumpism Is ‘Identity Politics’ for White People. Serwer seems to think that he’s achieved some … Continue reading

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