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Poetry Corner: “Theirs Is Not Yours”

Like many people, I’ve spent the last couple of days in a dark space. Even a sense of humor as dark as mine can be fatigued, I guess. I find myself asking Wilfred Owen’s question at the conclusion of “Futility“: … Continue reading

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Hamming It Up

The Universe has been sending me signals in the last week or so, and I reckon I ought to acknowledge them. Almost every day, from the age of three until I was about 15, my lunch was as reliable as … Continue reading

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Thursday Potpourri: Home Again Edition

I got back home from Terpville yesterday evening, and got the finishing touches on my root canal this afternoon. The rest of this spring break week looks to be a time of grading and suchlike, but why not blog a … Continue reading

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The Big Noise Surfaces Unexpectedly

My former home state of Kentucky just had a change at the governor’s mansion, as Andy Beshear succeeded Matt Bevin. Bevin’s term in office was marked by controversy, bizarre statements, and what can only be described as demagoguery. Even his … Continue reading

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Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies…

… or maybe it’s the other way around. In any case, that’s going to be the Mad Dog‘s agenda in the coming months, as he has decided to run for county commissioner in his suburban Knoxville district. I suspect it … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon Potpourri: Ticking Clock Edition

The Spawn moves to Terpville this week. She begins classes late in August, but has an interview for an assistantship at the end of this week. Landing it would make a very big difference in her grad school experience (and … Continue reading

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Farewell, Mr. Clegg

Johnny Clegg, a one-time anthropology prof turned world music pioneer, has died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 66. His South African bands Juluka (with creative partner Sipho Mchunu) and Savuka were among the first to merge Zulu and … Continue reading

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A Couple of Academic Quick Takes

Down in Real City, there’s a flap about the presidency of Flagship U. The Governor has apparently attempted to intervene in the process to select the new prez, and that’s a pretty serious party foul in this world. Although the … Continue reading

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Sunday Potpourri: Daydreaming Edition

Happy Ringo’s Birthday, everyone! Meanwhile… *** Last night, as I sometimes tend to do, I was noodling through cars for sale on Ebay and various other online locations. I’ve made no secret of my love for convertibles, so that’s usually … Continue reading

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Memorial Day, 2019

Once again, we remember. For Sgt. James Michial Moore, USA, KIA, Vietnam, and those before and after. Archibald MacLeish was an ambulance driver and artilleryman in World War I, and his brother, a naval aviator, was killed in 1918. This poem appeared … Continue reading

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