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Lenten Devotional — 17 March 17

Longtime readers of the blog are aware that for several years, the college where I work has sponsored a series of Advent devotional messages, written by members of the campus community. I usually contribute a couple each year. Well, this … Continue reading

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For Your Dining and Dancing Pleasure…

OK, maybe not so much dancing, although who am I to stop you? You may recall that late last year, I was one of four authors who were interviewed by PatZi Gil for her “Joy on Paper” radio program. You … Continue reading

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As Part of My Continuing Effort…

… to duck grading (a dozen papers left for the day), I was interested when I read this article from Smithsonian Magazine on the Book of Faces today. Thieves robbed a  warehouse in London late last month, and escaped with an … Continue reading

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Criminally Cool

One of the highlights of my first trip to New York City a couple of months back was a chance to go to the Mysterious Bookshop. From the moment I learned of its existence, I wanted to go there eventually. … Continue reading

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“Focus on the Affirmative”

… or at least on Yes. The band that may very well have been the most commercially successful prog rock group (depending on how one thinks of Pink Floyd) in the movement will finally be inducted into the Rock and … Continue reading

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Post-Gig Report: The Theme is Adaptation

The Berries played Greenville last night, but the story actually begins half a week ago. Early this past week, as I drove from campus to the grocery, I noticed that the “Check Engine” light was continuing to burn. This has … Continue reading

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Potpourri: Hello, 2017

Clan Mondo welcomed the New Year in with our traditional standing in the yard and watching fireworks through the trees, followed by some sparkling juice and off to bed. I hope the New Year brings you and yours both what … Continue reading

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