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Meanwhile, in Atlanta…

A local TV station reports that the local NAACP has called for the destruction of the Stone Mountain sculpture of Confederate leaders: The organization issued a statement calling for the removal of all symbols of the Confederacy from the park. … Continue reading

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“Don’t mention the War.”

Fans of John Cleese’s work will of course recognize this as a Fawlty Towers reference from an episode in which Basil had to deal with German visitors. It didn’t go well. I thought of it today when I saw this, … Continue reading

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Because I’m all about the education…

http://www.zombieresearch.org/ This has been a public service announcement.

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Empty spiritual calories, or The choice of the smug generation…

I was shopping at my local Wal-Mart (I live in a small town in the South. Also, I like to save money) the other day, and I noticed a display of Pepsi products by the entryway. Nothing remarkable about that, … Continue reading

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