Witness an Experiment

We’re often told that art and literature are meant to move the audience out of daily complacency, to hold a mirror up to life in its complexity, upsetting as that may be. In practice, that has led to artwork that has become cliched or absurd, rehashes of Duchamp’s readymades or mustaches on the Mona Lisa, or attempts to use Westboro Baptist as somehow representative of Christianity in general.

But there are occasional exceptions. Mark Goldblatt is a writer I have mentioned here before. At his blog yesterday, he wrote a very short story, from the perspective of Trayvon Martin. On Facebook, he mentions:

I’ve taken time to review the evidence and testimony from the Zimmerman trial, as well as Rachel Jeantel’s post-trial interviews, and TM’s own Tweets and Facebook posts–which are preserved on various websites, despite efforts to sanitize and/or delete them[.]

Having said that, what he has written is uncomfortable, but not without sympathy. In short, it is a small work of art, that I think will reward those who make it all the way through.

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