Christmas in Tucson and/or Space

I’ve previously mentioned my cousin, airline pilot/guitarist Jack Dunn, at this blog, but I don’t know if I’ve said much about his eldest, a sophomore at the U of Arizona who is majoring in astronomy and astrophysics (once a pursuit I considered before finding myself to be more Johnsonian than Feynmanesque.) While Marina is technically a first cousin once removed (making her second cousin to the Spawn), I tend to think of her and her sister as nieces.

Like their dad, his girls are of a scientific bent (At last report, Meredith was considering chemistry, but we shall see, and she has a while yet), but they have their creative sides as well. Which brings us to one of Marina’s latest projects, done with her partner-in-astronomy-and-crime Jenny Calahan, and shot in and around the University’s Steward Observatory. Marina is the one in the hat. Enjoy the vid, and stick around for the outtakes.

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