In Which the Prof Leaves a Very Small Mark, and Is Content

A few minutes ago, I was looking to see if a story I wrote many years ago is still available online (It is, but it takes some digging, as the webzine no longer appears to be active. And there’s another one there as well.). As part of my search, I was looking under a byline that I don’t use as much anymore: “W.S. Moore, III.” When my dad was still alive, I used it exclusively, as he also wrote on occasion, and I didn’t want our pieces being misattributed. And I used it for a while after that, before BGW was published for the first time in 2013. Now, of course, my writing appears as by Warren Moore, and really, I’m just happy that it sees print at all.

But anyway, as I was searching, I discovered that my dissertation had been cited in an academic book some years ago as well (I’m on page 174, if you’re wondering). While I do try to keep my hand in on the scholarly front (I’ve been a regular contributor to the New Chaucer Society’s bibliography for nearly 20 years or so), I’ve come to see myself mostly as a creative writer, rather than as an academic one. And I really believe that the creative work I do is more my strength than my scholarly writing.


Still, I’m tickled to realize that someone thought the ideas in my diss were important enough to cite as part of a discussion of the Seven Deadlies. It’s nice to be reminded that my scholarly work reached someone as well. I may only be a footnote, and it may only happen the once, but at least I warranted that much, which isn’t bad for a bookish kid from a small town in the burbs.

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  1. Withywindle says:

    Great fellow feeling.

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